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We are Canadians with decades of combined experience in a vast range of social justice, faith-based, LGBTQ2+, multicultural, trade union, campus and other streams of activism.

Our parents and grandparents thought that antisemitism had disappeared in their lifetimes. It's back. It's different. And it needs to be confronted and challenged in our generation.

Upstanders Canada is building strength the old-fashioned way, through strategic alliances with partnering individuals and groups, maximized through online tools to build a strong, diverse and decentralized grassroots movement committed to combatting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel extremism.

We unite across the political spectrum and we do not, as a movement, take policy stands on matters that rightly should be decided by Jewish and Israeli people. But we are unified by a core set of beliefs and we want you on our side.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can become an influencer in your community, union, church, social circle or online. You can commit as little or as much time and energy as you like. We've got a menu of options for activists. Whether you're experienced or entirely new to this sort of thing, we can help you make a positive difference in ways that suit your schedule, comfort level and personality.

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