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A dangerous and ancient bigotry has returned.

Antisemitism - race-hatred and bigotry against Jewish people - is being normalized in far too many places, even here in Canada. 

Too often, Jewish people are left alone to face and fight this prejudice. We think that's wrong.

We are standing up. We are Canadians of every background, belief, religion, gender, orientation and ideology.

Together, we are mobilizing, as an intersectional movement in partnership with existing organizations, to stand with Jewish people in Canada and around the world.


Standing with the Jewish people very much includes standing with Israel. Zionism - the idea that Jewish people have a right to national self-determination - is central to Jewish identity. Opposition to Zionism is dangerous and regressive.

Our chapters are based on geography and affinity. We are building support for Upstanding in local communities, in trade unions, in places of worship, in the LGBTQ2+ community, on campus and among every affinity group, including yours. We are non-denominational, non-partisan, inclusive and welcoming.

We are counting on you to join us.

Stand up to bigotry, mistruths and antisemitism.

It's time. And it's up to us.


We are Canadians representing this country's full ethnocultural, ideological, geographical, gender and political diversity.

We believe ... that antisemitism must be confronted and rejected whenever and wherever it appears.

We believe ... that the Jewish people have the right to live free from fear and violence everywhere in the world, including Canada and Israel. We also believe that the Jewish people, like all people, have a right to national self-determination. Israel, the ancient and modern homeland of the Jewish people and a democratic state with legal equality for all citizens, must be protected and defended.

We believe ... that Jewish people deserve to depend on committed allies in every social, political and geographic part of Canada and we are building a movement, across our many lines of differences, founded on these fundamental truths.

Become an Upstander!

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We ask for your postal code because some of our actions are geographically specific.

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